Christmas in Germany

Gretchen and her husband just spent a wonderful Christmas week in Weimar, Germany.  Christmas in Germany is amazing and special.  In Weimar, the Christmas market is all over the main streets and squares.  It is a compact old town area with many historic sites as Goethe and Schiller (and many other historic figures) lived and worked here.

We loved leaving our accommodations and walking half a block to drink Gluhwein (mulled wine) and special eggnog, eat bratwurst and the amazing sweet concoctions. Baumstreizel is a special delight. It is a large rolled pastry dusted with sugar, or with chocolate or many other variations.  It is made on a roller and baked over a fire.  The crust is delicious with a super soft yeasty dough inside.  Delicious!

We bought a Christmas tree at the market, and decorations.

Nearby Erfurt is a delightful town with many medieval surviving buildings.  The market bridge (an old bridge with old interesting shops on it) should not be missed.  The Cathedral where Martin Luther was ordained is magnificent.  Erfurt's Christmas Market is larger and includes carnival rides.

If you come, check out the dates for the Christmas market in the towns you will  be visiting. For example, Erfurt's ended with Christmas Eve while Weimar's goes until early January.

It is a pretty easy flight to Frankfurt from New York or Chicago.  In Germany, there is an excellent train system that can take you to almost every city. It's about a two train ride to Weimar--and the train has a station in the Frankfurt airport so it is very convenient.

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