Think About The Fringe

Do you know about the Edinburgh Fringe?

The Edinburgh Fringe, held each year in August, is amazing. We’ve been to it and loved every minute. One of the largest arts festivals in the world, it is a must for everyone who enjoys any of the performing arts. You can see famous stars, comedians–and the performers who will be stars soon. Since it attracts so many performance artists, it is not unusual to find celebrities in your audience with you.

The Fringe sprawls the city at dozens of venues. There are street performers. It is an absolutely incredible experience.

You can see off-off-Broadway theater, comedians, musicians, acrobats–memorably, we once saw a “poetry boy band.” Their poetry was quite good.  Shows can be large or small and are typically very inexpensive. Comedians on the brink of stardom will be honing their acts.

To top things off, Edinburgh is a beautiful city with a very rich history. No visit is complete without a visit to Edinburgh Castle and the Military Tattoo.

Book early as August in Edinburgh is wonderful!

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