Thinking of true family travel?

Multi generational travel

It has become popular for three, and even four, generations to vacation together.   More and more, families are separated  by geography--and multi-generational travel is a good way to spend time together. No one has to bring a casserole! One of the biggest challenges of planning a multi generational vacation is finding activities and a destination that everyone will enjoy.  Fortunately, there are some great options.

The obvious choice is, of course, Disney or Universal Studios. Whether choosing Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Studios, you can enjoy is a completely family-oriented experience with attractions for all age levels. There are slow rides, fast rides and spinning rides. The theming, especially at Harry Potter (Universal) or Star Wars Galaxy's Edge can be incredible. There are comedy shows, musical shows and 3-D shows.  You can experience Star Wars, Toy Story, dinosaurs, animal interactions, and Harry Potter.  If visiting Orlando, don’t forget Sea World or the amazing Discovery Cove (attendance limited to 1300 guests per day) as options. And, of course, if you rent accommodation with a pool, the kids will always be happy.

Cruises are another great choice for family travel. Back in the day, we often cruised with our parents and children. Most cruise lines have great children’s programs.  The kids were entertained while grandma could do as much or as little as she wanted. No matter what else people did during the day, we always had dinner together. By the way, dinner was a great way to get the kids to try new foods because we could assure them if they didn’t like it we could get them something else.  And while formal options are still there (our kids looked adorable in their little suits), most cruises now offer multiple informal choices such as buffets, hot dogs, pizza, and room service. To keep the memories alive, the ship photographers will happily take portraits of your whole family--no sitting fees.  Just buy the portraits you like.  

The variety of experiences with cruising is fantastic--you can take your family panning for gold in Alaska, or spend a day on a private island in the Caribbean. You can visit Europe or the Far East. Tell us what you and your family like, and we can help you sort through the mounds of information to find you something that will give your family an extraordinary experience.

Speaking of Disney, Adventures by Disney is a great way for the family to tour together. With the same care, quality, and customer service you have come to expect from Disney, the family can travel together all over the world on a small group guided vacation. Adventures by Disney has tours on six continents so you are sure to find one your family will love.

Some of our best family memories are from the multi generational trips--cruises to Alaska,the Caribbean and Bermuda, and a road trip to Yellowstone.

So many choices!  Don't wait to make magical multi generation memories happen!

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