Ethical Travel

Ethical travel includes both eco-travel and socially aware travel.  We work with travel companies that are concerned about sustainability, protecting resources and maintaining socially responsible standards. 

For example, we work with travel companies that:

  • Will not book elephant rides because of the cruel treatment the animals experience, but rather take you to an elephant orphanage to interact with baby elephants.
  • Cruise lines that are converting their fleets to bio-diesel or other more sustainable fuels.
  • Work to fight human trafficking.
  • Tour companies that have created foundations to help with local economic development.

Ethical tourism can be basic or luxurious, adventurous or comfortable.

Ethical travelers are young and old and in-between. They share a commitment to making the world a better place through travel. 

These travels can be luxurious or very economical.

Guided vacations are often small groups of like minded travelers, typically no more than 16 per group. It is a great way for solo travelers, especially women, to experience the world.

The groups we work are committed to improving the lives of the people and animals in the places they go.

You can travel or cruise almost anywhere in the world and do it responsibly thanks to our travel suppliers.

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