You Can Travel Free 

Do you have a group of loyal customers? Are you in a church, sports, or social group?   Are you planning a family reunion? Many people are not aware that vacation companies, resorts, and cruise lines will often offer a free trip to someone who assembles a group to travel together.

Restaurant and bar owners can take your customers on a culinary adventure. 

Sports enthusiasts can take a ski vacation in the Alps or golf in Scotland.

Theater fans can visit London's West End or the Edinburgh Fringe.

Adventurers can travel to Antarctica or the Galapagos.  

Religious groups can tour the Holy Land.

Family reunions are great on cruise ships or at all-inclusive resorts.  

Many travel suppliers (cruise lines, vacation travel, resorts, etc.) offer free or discounted travel for someone who arranges a group traveling together. 

You can plan an ocean cruise, a river cruise, adventure travel, or guided vacations.

It's easy as we do the hard work.

How does it work?

First, you work with us to plan a trip. You select where, when and how you want to travel.  We research the options and you choose.

Second, we set up a private website with all of the details, we create flyers you can print and use. There will be an email link to the website you can share.

Third, you promote the trip to your clients, friends, family --whoever you want.  Your guests will be able to book directly through the website and work with us on preferences, preparations and payment, so you don't have to do anything except promote the trip, and be their host while you travel.

The number of guests required to get free travel varies, but it is sometimes as few as 8 people--more often it is 15 or 16.  You can choose to take the free trip yourself, or spread the savings among the group.

Interested? Just call us at 1-877-508-5008 or email us at general@farfarawaytravels,com.

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