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Owners Nichole and Gretchen love to plan extraordinary travel experiences and want to help deliver your perfect vacation. Learn more about us on our About page.


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Give the Gift of Travel

Surprise your loved ones with the gift a vacation you have planned and booked for them. The trip can take place any time.

If you book the trip with us before the holidays, we will put together a great gift box or basket for you to present to your gift recipient--including travel plans, travel tips, and a few extra gifts.


Black Friday Sales are Coming


Many cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts, and other travel companies offer their best prices of the year around Black Friday. Because the specials do not last long and fill quickly. you need to be ready to book.

We will be forwarding many of these specials to our clients who sign up for our email list. Be sure to click Black Friday.

If you are currently on our email list and want to receive these specials please let us know as we don't wish to bother people with unwanted email.


For more great travel ideas visit our specials page

Why use Far Far Away Travels?

We provide extraordinary experiences.

We work as your partner planning the trip you want.  

You get someone who can advocate for you if problems arise.

You can do as much--or as little--of the travel planning details as you like.

We can save you hours and hours of research time and  eliminate confusion.

We can often offer additional amenities or perks to make your trip more special.

Because we are affiliated with one of the largest travel networks, we can usually find the best rates and inventory.

You get more for no additional cost to you.

Even if you have already booked your trip, you can often transfer the booking to us so we can enhance your travel. Because there are often time limits, please contact us immediately if you are interested.

Do you like to research and book your own travel online?  Email us your plans at no obligation --Because we are affiliated with one of the largest travel networks, we can often find additional savings or amenities for our clients. There is no cost to you for this service.